How to Create and Use a Marketing Calendar

In today’s time, almost every business needs Marketing. There used to be a time when you need an idea, investor to elevate your business. These days, you have to focus on marketing apart from a great business idea and investor. Marketing calendar plays a major role in the marketing campaign, so let’s understand how to create and use a marketing calendar to yield good marketing results.

What is a Marketing Calendar?

A marketing calendar is actually your marketing plan that covers your marketing activities for the entire year or a month. Planning and tracking are two important parts of every marketing campaign. A calendar plays a handy role in making a plan and track the results to see the areas where improvement is needed.

A lot of money is spent on marketing and it’s important to make a proper plan and then track them properly to see which campaigns are working and which not. Nothing works better than a calendar when it comes to analyzing the campaign.

How to Create a Marketing Calendar?

Creating a marketing calendar is necessary for a successful marketing campaign. The success of a marketing campaign depends a lot on the planning you’ve made. Here is what you need to do to make a marketing calendar for your business or organization.

  • Download a marketing calendar template in a word from here to get started.
  • Now you need to put your marketing plan on a marketing calendar to properly assign days & date for tasks.
  • Make sure to mention the holidays and days off on your marketing calendar.
  • Set time limits for campaigns. Set a minimum threshold performing level for each campaign. A calendar will notify you if a campaign is not performing as per expectations.

How to Use a Marketing Calendar?

Making a marketing plan is not enough, you have to implement it successfully to bring out the results. Use a marketing calendar to achieve your business marketing goals. Here is how you can use a marketing calendar.

  • Firstly you need to set the marketing goals and then determine the marketing activities that will be done to achieve the goals. It’s recommended to breakdown your yearly goals into monthly small milestones and then make a plan to achieve them monthly. Develop your marketing calendar keeping your goals & time limitations into consideration.
  • It’s important to create a timeline for each goal along with a marketing plan to achieve that.
  • Understand your audience first and then create a marketing campaign keeping the interest of the audience into consideration.
  • Write down all the marketing activities for each task. Mention the employee’s responsibilities and duties during the course of the marketing campaign.
  • Track your previous marketing campaigns to create a new one. Learn from the mistakes you’ve had done in the past and correct them in a new campaign.

Here is a sample of annual marketing calendar;


A marketing calendar is an important tool if used properly. A calendar can be used for all aspects of your marketing strategy: identifying your target audience, planning and goal setting, tracking resources, and more. Having a marketing calendar at place make the process of tracking goals and progress across marketing initiatives a lot easier.