Letter of Appreciation to Employer for Bonus, Support, Training

“It’s important to get appreciated but it’s more important to appreciate others” for their extraordinary efforts at work. A few words of appreciation can make anyone feel motivated & important. As an employee, you must be appreciated for your excellent work by your employer in some or other ways. As a professional goodwill gesture, you must appreciate your employer whenever he/she has done something good for you. Everyone loves to hear praise for their work, including your boss. So, take some time to say thank you with a letter of appreciation whenever your employer or boss has done something helpful particularly for you.

The desire of doing more thrives when someone appreciates the efforts you’re making. We, humans, are social animals and we need each other support to keep doing good in life. It doesn’t matter in which field or phase of career you’re in, you must learn the art of appreciating extraordinary work efforts.

Situations for Writing Appreciation Letter for Employer

Following are the common situation when you should appreciate your employer efforts.

  • if you’re awarded a Bonus
  • or the boss has given special training
  • if your boss has provided support in any work.
  • or your leave is approved
  • your boss has announced retirement
  • or you’ve been promoted, hike in salary etc.

However, there are many other situations as well. You need to figure out the right situation. It’s recommended to write a few words of appreciation whenever you feel like your employer has made extra efforts to help you out.

Tips for Writing Appreciation Letter for Employer or Boss

Follow the important tips shared below to make a perfect appreciation letter. Use the sample letter shared below to make your boss feel that you respect for the efforts he/she has made to help you out. A few words of appreciation can actually bring a lot of positive changes in someone’s life.

  • Use formal format to write a letter, stay away from using any informal words.
  • The intent of this letter is to appreciate someone, so make sure to pick the right words.
  • Your appreciation should be sincere and genuine. Don’t try to be fake here.
  • You must tell how your employer efforts have helped you out. A thank you note should be there.
  • Make sure to re-check the letter for spelling or grammatical errors before sending it.

Sample Letter Template

Want to thanks your employer for his/her efforts? Then use the following sample letter. Please note that a link to download this sample letter is available as well. You can make changes in a letter after downloading it.


{Employer’s Name}

{Employer’s Designation}

{Company’s Name}


Date (Date on which letter is written)


{Your Name}

{Your Position}

{Company Name}

Subject: {Reason for Appreciation, write this in less than one line}

Dear {Sir/Mam/Employer’s Name}

I am writing this letter to say thanks on behalf of all the employees for {mention the efforts the employer has made}. It’s so good to see that you are so much concerned about your employees’ problems. This effort of yours has completely solved the problem and now everyone is charged to give their best towards the job. Your efforts are truly appreciated.

I once again would like to thank you and appreciate you for whatever you have done for us.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,

{Your Name}

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