Letter of Recommendation for College Admission from Teacher/ Professor

Letter of Recommendation for College Admission: Recommendation Letter plays a huge role in one’s life from getting an admission in elite institutes to joining a dream company. A letter of recommendation is written to request someone to consider or appoint someone for a particular position. Many elite institutes around the world give importance to recommendations to fill the vacant seats for admission. The recommendation letters are written for students who just passed high school and are joining colleges.

As a teacher or professor, many students must be contacting you to write a recommendation letter for them. If a student is deserving then you must consider to write a letter in order to help him/ her getting admission. Read below to know how to write a strong recommendation letter for students who are looking for the admission in a college/ institute/ university.

How to Write Impactful Recommendation Letter for Students

Many colleges have this criterion of looking recommendation before offering admissions. Students applying for admission will need a recommendation letter from a high school teacher or professor to make his/ her profile stronger. As a teacher, if you decided to write a reference letter then the following point will help you in writing a strong impactful letter of recommendation.

Say Yes, if you can write positive

In the first place, you need to think properly whether you want to write this letter or not. Say Yes, only if you can write positive which will make student’s profile stronger. If you don’t think that a student is not deserving or you cannot write positive then simply say No.

Mention how you know the student

In the first paragraph, you should mention the relation you have with a student. Mention for how long you know a student and what courses/ subjects he or she has studied from you.

Ask for a Student’s Resume

Ask a student for his/ her resume in order to collect important information such as student’s work interest, experience, certification, training etc. Keep this information into consideration while writing to talk about the skills & abilities that a student possess.

Highlight Student’s Positive Abilities

It’s recommended to remain positive to build a strong student’s profile and state why do you think a student deserve or apt for the admission. You need to cautious while writing this, try to avoid words like hard worker, diligent student etc. Highlight student’s positive points in a smart manner.

Add your Contact Information

You should always add your contact information to provide college a way to contact you if they any further questions. Add your email address, phone number etc.

Use a formal letter format while writing this type of letter. You might be having a lot of things to share if you are not sure what to include and what not then refer to the samples shared below.

Download Recommendation Letter for College Admission From Teacher Sample

From, (Sender’s name and address)

Date: ________ (date on which the letter is written)

To, (Receiver’s name and address)

Subject: Recommendation of student for admission in college

Respected sir/mam,

I am writing this letter to recommend you one of my student {Student’s Name} for his/her admission in your college {mention college name}. I taught him/ her for {mention time period}. He has always been a disciplined student with excellence in {mention student skills}. His/her name is (name of the student) and passed out from (name of the school).

I believe {Student’s Name} will be an excellent addition to {college name}. Apart from good academics record, he/ she is a great sportsperson and always enthusiastic to participate in activities.

I’ve decided to recommend him to you because I want him to get what he deserves, would like him to continue studies in a reputed college like {college name}.

For any questions regarding {student name}, feel free to contact me at {phone number} or {Email address}.

I hope you’ll surely look into it.

Thanking you,


{Name and signature}

Download this letter in editable format from below to make changes as per your need or requirement.

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