How to Prepare a Meal Calendar – Eat Healthy & Stay Fit

You might have heard this a million-time “Health is Wealth”, that is actually the truth. Some realize it early while some take years to realize it. A healthy body means a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy body should be on a priority number one. Our health is directly proportional to what we drink, what we drink, and how we train. As a working professional or any individual, you may find yourself in a situation where you’re not giving much importance to your health due to a hectic work schedule. If yes, then it’s recommended to prepare a meal calendar weekly and start using it to keep yourself on a healthy track.

It’s hard to resist the temptation with all the fast food restaurants that serve tasty and instant food. There is where most of us go wrong. It’s important to stick to the right food, have your cheat meal once a week.

Why it’s important to use a Meal Calendar?

Just think for a second “Why do we end up eating outside?”

Most of the time we don’t know what to cook. It’s already 6 PM on a Wednesday night and you have no idea, “What’s for dinner?” Or maybe you have the idea but you don’t have ingredients to cook. This is a situation with the majority of us and that’s why we end up eating outside.

This is the reason why everyone should make a habit of preparing a meal calendar in advance to avoid last minute preparation and hunt for ingredients. By creating a meal schedule, you eliminate the “What’s for dinner?” question.

With a meal calendar at a place, you know exactly what you’re going to cook and you’ve already gathered the ingredients for the same. Save your time & money and most importantly your HEALTH.

Plan your Meals with Google Calendar

Use google calendar to make a meal planning schedule. It’s recommended to make a schedule one week in advance. If you’re working then there are chances of getting late due to any work urgency, in such cases you can make easy to prepare meals which takes less time.

The most important benefit of using a google calendar is that you can share it with your family members as well. Now your family members know the weekly meal planning.

You can add a separate list of grocery which is required for the entire week. You can also add a section to put recipe links, add notes about a meal preparation etc.

Google Calendar is your best friend. Use it smartly to increase your daily work performance.

How to make a Meal plan with Calendar?

You may prepare a handmade calendar or buy a calendar or else use a meal calendar template. After having a calendar at a place, all you need to do is simply input the meals you plan to eat on a certain day. Be specific and detailed in inputting the planned meals on a certain day.

This is how a simple weekly meal calendar looks like;

Meal Calendar, Meal Planning Calendar


As mentioned above that health should be on your priority number one. There is no point in earning huge bucks if you are not healthy enough to enjoy. Give importance to what you eat & drink. Use calendars to make your weekly or monthly meal schedule. Take some time to think about your schedule and your family’s schedule, choose meals considering the schedule, write a meal plan, and make sure to stick to it.