How to Write Thank You Letter for Job Promotion

Everyone enjoys positive attention and acknowledgement, you’re not alone in that race. Take the time out to write a thank you note to appreciate the good deed. If your employer or manage has done something good for you then make sure to say a formal thanks to express that you acknowledge their good gesture. Here you will learn how to write a thank you letter for job promotion.

Promotion is a big deal for an employee. An employee works hard every day in order to get promoted to a higher designation or position. If you’ve got a promotion then make sure to take a few minutes from your schedule to say thanks to your boss or employer. This humble gesture of acknowledgment will surely make the employer feel special.

Tips for Writing Thank You Letter to Boss for Promotion

When you are writing a thank you letter to your employer or boss, then you must take care of the following things:

  • Be careful with the writing tone. Make sure to pick the right words. Stay away from using any informal words.
  • Mention the specific reason for writing
  • Keep the letter short. People at higher authorities don’t have much time to read long letters so it’s recommended to keep your thank you letter short and to the point.
  • Express your genuine appreciation.
  • Make sure to proofread the letter before sending it.

Note: If you’re not good in writing such letters then take help your friend or colleague, or else refer to the sample letters & templates shared here.

Here is one sample thank you letter to employer for promotion;

Thank You Letter for Job Promotion Template in .doc Word

First Name Last Name
Job Title
Company Name
Phone Number


Manager Name
Job Title
Company Name

Dear Manager Name,

I would like to sincerely thank you for the job promotion. Thank you so much for believing in me and considering me good for the {mention job position}. I’m looking forward to giving my 100% for all duties assigned in a responsible manner and will not let you down.

I appreciate your trust in me and you’re offering me the responsibility. I ensure you will not regret the decision of promoting to the position of {Designation Name}.

Thank you for your confidence in me. I’m sure you’re going to be pleased with the results.

Best regards,

{Your Name}

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Writing a thank you note for job promotion is highly recommended to express your genuine gratitude toward the opportunity that an employer has provided you. Don’t waste time writing this letter and send it immediately as soon as you get the promotion. Use the samples & templates from here to make your thank you letter.