Thank You Letter While Leaving a Job Example

“Materialistic things will come and go. Relations show the real value of a person.” Writing goodbye thank you letter merely takes a couple of minutes, but it will surely strengthen your bond & relations. Thank you letters are part of a professional world. As a working professional, you’ll find yourself in many situations where you need to write a thank you letter to show your humble gesture for someone’s good will and good work. Apart from that, you can write an informal thank you letter to anybody for anything good they have done to you or society.

Use thank you letter sample to express your sincerest gratitude for a person who’ve done something good for you, send you a card, gifted you something, or have done any other good thing.

Through this page, you’ll get to know how to write a thank you letter while leaving a company. If you are leaving your job or company then as a good gesture you must write a thank you letter to your boss, colleagues, and other working staff members.

Download Thank You Letter While Leaving a Job Sample in .doc format

Want to say thanks to your boss or colleagues? Then refer to the letter sample below to see how to write a thank you letter.

Sample Letter to Boss



Date (date on which letter is written)



Sub: {write a subject in less than one line}

Dear {Sir/ Mam}

After deep serious thought, I have decided to quit my job due to some unavoidable circumstances. I’ve had a great time while working with my fellow colleagues for {mention company’s name}, learned a lot, this company has given me a platform to showcase and improve my skills & capabilities. I would like to express my sincere thanks for the support you had given me throughout the job. The job journey at {company’s name} wouldn’t be successful without the guidance from you.

Life is taking me to new directions now. I have got a job offer from {name of the company} and I would be joining the same from {mention time}. Before joining the new company, I would hand over all my work responsibilities to the concerned person. If you have anything expected from me before leaving a job then I would be happy to do it.

I need your best wishes for my future endeavors. Thank you once again for being a mentor, friend, and for always supporting.

Your’s truly,

{Your Name}

Download thank you letter while leaving a job in .doc format

Download thank you letter while leaving a job in .jpg format

Goodbye Email to Colleagues before leaving a job

Dear friends,

Good day to you all. As some of you know that my job journey at {company name} is coming to an end. I would like to sincerely express my gratitude for the support you all have given me throughout the job. This company gave me a chance to work with such supported & talented colleagues. I have learned a lot from all of you. I will surely miss the work session & fun activities we used to have.

I am joining {company name} from {mention date} of this month. I’ve got a good job offer from {company name} and the company’s location is near to my home. That’s why I’ve decided to quit my job. Thank you all once again for being supportive all the time.

Wish you all great success in the future. As always I am just a phone call or mail away, Please do keep in touch.


{Your Name}

How to Write a Thank Your Letter to your Boss or Colleagues – Writing Tips

  • Express your genuine feelings towards company and colleagues. If you are not good with expressing your feelings then see reference from the letter samples or ask somebody to write it for you.
  • Use a formal letter format while writing to your boss. You may use an informal letter format while addressing some of your colleagues.
  • Acknowledge the events where a concerned person has supported or guided you and thank them for the same.
  • Express your sincere thanks. There is no point in burning a house if you’re leaving it. Be humble even if you have sore experience with a company.
  • Do check the letter for punctuation marks or grammatical errors.